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Hallvard Leroy A/S

The journey starting with Ole Mikkel Leroen selling fresh fish in Bergen fish market who is a farmer and fisherman in Bergen in Norway by the end of 19th century continued with Hallvard Leroy A/S which is the first company of the group and established by his two workers Hallvard Leroy (Sr.) and Elias Fjeldstad in 1939.

Today, Hallvard Leroy A/S is one of the leading seafood producers and exporters in Norway and in the World with its turnover more than 1 billion American Dollars in 2006. The company allocates 85% of its annual production to export while European Union countries constitute the biggest market of the company with 66%. Apac countries, America and Canada follow these countries respectively. Atlantic salmon fish and its derivatives take the first place in the exported products with 70% ratio.

It is one of the leading suppliers of salmon fish and its derivatives in world’s leading retail and wholesale chains such as Tesco, Carrefour, Migros and Marks & Spencer.

Commercial Principles

Hallvard Leroy A/S meets the demands from national and international markets for delicious food by providing seafood to selected sales and distribution networks, producers, food-beverage sector and final consumer.

The point Hallvard Leroy A/S particularly emphasize in production and marketing is developing profitable, efficient and long term relations with all customers and commercial partners by providing high quality products.

Quality Policy

Returning the most ideal profitability for all parties involved in its trade by marketing its natural and healthy seafood in the right place at the right time.

Environmental Policy

The company works with its partners to minimize the effects of each part of the supply chain to the nature and environment. Prefers the least damaging methods to the nature for production and logistics solutions insofar the technology and economy permit. Its doctors and administrative personnel are responsible for the assurance of conformity of daily works to the environmental policy. All employees are included in this policy and it is open to public opinion.

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