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Life of Salmon is Prolonged in Map Package

Fresh Sliced and Filet Salmon is on the market in Turkey with healthy MAP packages

Austevoll Seafood Group, the owner of Norwegian Hallvard Leröy who is the partner of Alfarm Alarko-Leröy pointed out that they are satisfied with the salmon consumption in Turkey. Helge Singlestad, the Board Chairman of Hallvard Leroy A/S who came to visit the factory reviewed on site the released products with new investments. Especially emphasized that the packaging system of sliced and filet salmon in MAP (Modified Atmosphere Package) is very practical and hygienic. 

With this new packaging system, the consumers no longer have to go to fish market or big markets with fish stands to buy fresh salmon fish. Markets with only charcuterie stands are able to provide the consumers salmon fish with its freshest form thanks to MAP package. Shelf life of fresh sliced and filet salmon packaged untouched in hygienic environment in Alarko-Leröy stands are prolonged completely naturally by using MAP package.




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