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Desserts With Salmon Surprised Cooks In Antalya

Norwegian Salmon became Pudding after Doner and Steak Tartar a La Turca

Alarko-Leröy, developing different tastes for consumers since 20 years with Salmon, the legendary fish of Norway surprised the cooks in Antalya by local tastes with Salmon this time. Salmon menu which have approximately 20 different local tastes (Turkish meat pasty, raw pasty, İnegöl meatball, Turkish pancake, stuffed mutton balls, pastry with pastrami and tomato filling, meat pasty with dry cottage cheese and walnut) from Kayseri to Antep, from Bursa to Bolu got credits from the guests in the party conducted by Alarko-Leröy in Antalya. Especially salmon pudding and cabbage with sesame oil and walnut (instead salmon is used) desserts were in the centre of attention. 

Salmon was used in three colored Meat Pasty (spinach, tomato and plain) from Kayseri and meat pasty with dry cottage cheese and walnut from Bolu which were in the menu. Local tastes produced with Salmon which are İnegöl meatballs from Bursa, Raw Pasty from Eskişehir, Stuffed Mutton Balls from Antep were different but liked tastes. Besides, Salmon version of Cabbage with Sesame Oil and Walnut from Antalya and Salmon Pudding attracted great attention.

Leyla Alaton the Board Member of Alarko Holding emphasized in the party, which the Chefs and Süleyman Evcimen the Mayor of Antalya Muratpaşa also attended, that R&D team became skilled in creating traditional but modern tastes using Norwegian Salmon with local foods. Bülent Işık the General Manager of Alarko-Leröy expressed that in twenty years they created place for Salmon in the traditional tables, and said that ‘we tested the harmony of Salmon with doner, steak tartar a la Turca, pastrami and explored suitable tastes, and we are continuing to try finding suitable salmon tastes in other local foods with the same excitement and achieving successful results’.

Alarko-Leröy is using fresh Salmon imported from Norway and producing value added products such as Smoked Salmon, Salmon Pastrami, Salmon Loin, Smoked Hot Salmon, Salted Salmon, Marinated Salmon, Salmon Filet, and Salmon Steak in its modern factory that is equipped with technologic equipment and following hygienic measures. Its products are reaching to consumers through a professional customer chain from hotels to restaurants, from catering companies to holiday villages. Also, packaged products and fresh salmon are sold in big chain stores such as Kipa-Tesco, Carrefour, Macro, Metro, Ikea and local chain stores (such as Groseri) and charcuteries. For wholesale, all products are put on the market as whole and in big packages keeping its filet look while they are sold in vacuumed lightweight packages for consumers. It is sold in fish markets as whole, filet, and steak. The company imports other seafood like halibut, cod, mackerel, shrimp, turbot and angler fish besides salmon and with derivatives transforms them into more than one hundred kind of value added products in its facilities.

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