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Omega 3

It is believed in an Eskimo myth that Salmon Fish regenerates human.

According to this myth; ‘People who eats Salmon Fish feels like reborn and embraces life in each time’.

We see how hard the life cycle of Salmon Fish is when we look to the adventure of it to continue its bloodline. Eggs left to rivers running from high mountains are fertilized here and fry live in these cold waters until they grow. Then swim downwards to the sea and after ripening completely, using their sense of smell, return back to the river beds where they were born. They swim upstream almost by jumping. The mission of salmon ends when it leaves its eggs which will give new lives to where its life began, but its life cycle continues.

Eskimos did not have heart problems although they consumed plenty of fat and cholesterol. The reason of this is Omega-3 fatty acids in the fish. Researches analyzing blood samples of Eskimos found out that some substances which are seen in small amounts in the western people are found in high ratios in the blood of Eskimos. These substances were EPA (Eicosa Pentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosa Haxaenoic Acid) from the Omega-3 group which is the long chain of Poliansatureol (poly-unsaturated) fats. Further studies proved that these two substances are found especially in fatty fish such as Salmon and Herring.

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