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Heart Health

Change of fats in blood

We now know that regularly consumed fish reduces heart disease risks through ‘Omega-3’ fatty acids by regulating fat amount and types in the blood flow. Regular fish consumption at the same time reduces potential irregular pulses (arrhythmia) which play a key role in a possible heart attack by regulating heart rhythm. 

Acceleration of blood flow velocity

‘Omega-3 fatty acids reduce coagulation of blood; by this way coronary risk is reduced. Reduces blood pressure – tension – and increases kidney activities. It helps the heart pumping the blood easier by reducing the viscosity of blood, in other words making it more watery. Also, accelerates blood flow velocity and prevents or reduces fingertip numbing like gangrene and feeling cold of the fingers and toes due to circulation. In contrast to poly-unsaturated fats in margarines or vegetable fats, ‘Omega-3 fatty acids regulate inflammatory system of the body. Alteration of the inflammatory system’s balance means occurrence of diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Heart attack and paralysis incidents are seen less frequently in people who eat fish regularly.

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