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Rainbow Trout

General Information

Trout, also known as Rainbow Trout is imported fresh or frozen from our Norwegian partner Hallvard Lerøy.

Trout is a red meat colored fish produced in cold and clean waters with high oxygen.
It is highly rich in vitamins A, D and B12.

Fresh Trout is imported from Norway within 4 days with frigorific trucks between 0ºC / +2ºC degrees. It is supplied to the consumers in 4/5 – 5/6 kg sizes in gutted head-on form.

Package Weight Variable Weight: ≈ 22 kg
Shelf Life

15 days between 0ºC / +4ºC
Frozen at -18 ºC for 1 year

Nutritional Value in 100 g fresh product Fat Carbohydrate Protein
10 g < 0,1 g 17 g

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