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Norwegian Turbot

General Information

Norwegian Turbot is imported fresh from our Norwegian partner Hallvard Lerøy.

Norwegian Turbot which is produced in our production farms in Norway is a very practical and affordable fish species because of 12 months supplying capability, being brill and giving thick fillets. Turbot lives in its habitat in depths up to 80 meters and it is a very rich protein source and also contains high selenium.

Fresh Turbot is imported from Norway within 4 days with frigorific trucks between 0ºC / +2ºC degrees.

Package Weight Variable Weight: ≈ 10 kg
Shelf Life 15 days between 0ºC / +4ºC
Nutritional Value in 100 g fresh product Fat Carbohydrate Protein
2 g 0,1 g 16 g

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