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Leroy Asc Salmon Marine Gravlax 100 gr.

About Asc
ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) is an independent and non-profit prganization founded in 2010 by the world's two leading institutions. WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and IDH (Sustainable Trade Initiative) ASC certificate is accepted as the international standard pf environmentally and socially sensitive fish farming practices. You can visitwww.asc-aqua.orgwebsite for information about ASC practices.
Production Information It is a product obtained by removing the bones and skin of the filleted salmon meat, marinated with black pepper, dill, sugar and salt, then slicing and vacuum packaging.
Package 100 g Fixed weight
Shelf Life Fresh between 0ºC / +4ºC’de 45 days
Package Weight 100 g* 6pieces : 600 g
Package Type Smoked box (26.5 cm, 22.5 cm, 9.3 cm)
Label Information
Name of the product
Storage Temperature
Production Lot No.
Production date
Expiration date
Net weight


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