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Alfarm Salmon Pastirami

Production Information Skinless salmon fillets are salted and smoked after its fishbone is removed. Fenugreek prepared with various spices is spread on the fillets and left to dry. Salmon Pastirami is sliced and put on the market in vacuumed packages after fenugreek is removed.
Package Fixed weight, 110 g
Variable weight, > 500 g
Shelf Life

Fresh between 0ºC / +4ºC for 45 days
Frozen at -18 ºC for 1 year

Package Weight 110 g Fixed weight; 22 kg
>500g Variable weight; ≈ 15 kg
Package Type White carton box, branded
Label Information SALMON PASTIRAMI
Storage temperature
Nutritional Value (100 g)
Production Party No.
Production license date and no.
Production Date / Expire Date
Net Weight

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